Operations Consulting

Not every company is saleable in its present form. Nicholson & Associates provides consulting services that may involve restructuring, installing accounting and management software, outsourcing administrative functions or hiring personnel. In every case, the business is improved whether or not the owner elects to sell.

Real-Life Examples of Successful Consulting Assignments

  • A swimming pool accessory distributor believed he had taken his company as far as he could and wanted to sell. Nicholson & Associates’ preparation for the sale, however, revealed the company was not saleable because the owner was so involved in every aspect of the business. A new buyer would have had difficulty running it, thereby lowering the value.We restructured the company by creating a management layer, defining job functions, hiring additional personnel, outsourcing payroll and developing a procedures manual. The new structure enabled the owner to take the company to the next level rather than sell it.
  • The owner of a fast-growing computer assembly and networking company needed more sophisticated management systems and procedures in order to sustain growth. Nicholson & Associates installed accounting and management software, developed a procedures manual and helped implement the plan. The company now has improved financial controls, better inventory control, a structured assembly process and streamlined shipping and receiving processes
  • The owner of a large seller and refurbisher of ATM machines recognized his company’s growth was limited by inadequate accounting procedures and inventory control. Nicholson & Associates interviewed personnel, identified problems, recommended solutions and helped implement an accounting/management system. The company now performs tasks early in the sales process for better production and inventory control and more accurate inventory reports.

Every company has unique problems and opportunities. Call Nicholson & Associates to discuss how you might improve your company’s operations.