Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

What does a business owner do when a company in his industry wants him to sell his business to it?  Does the owner realize that he may be at a significant disadvantage in the merger and acquisition process?  The buyer has planned this move, maybe it has experience purchasing other companies.  The buying company knows how to negotiate in its favor.

Nicholson & Associates for over 20 years has provided consulting services for Atlanta mergers and acquisitions. Typically these companies have been approached by potential buyers or merger partners. We have repeatedly leveled the playing field and improved the owner’s negotiating position.  We can do the same for you.

Real-Life Consulting Examples of Georgia Merger and Acquisition Assignments

  • A manufacturer of specialty computers was approached by a larger competitor about an acquisition.  The competitor was owned by a private equity group and financed by mezzanine lenders.  We as consultants determined the match was not good for our clients.  Our client offered to buy the competitor, switching roles from seller to buyer.
  • A manufacturing company was approached by a private equity group that had a wealthy individual backing it.  We determined that the buyer could not add enough capability to justify our client’s selling the business.
  • A consulting firm was approached for merger discussions by an out-of-state competitor. Nicholson & Associates gathered information from both parties, performed a financial analysis, interviewed partners, developed possible structures for a combined company and considered cost savings and synergistic gains. Although the financials worked, cultural differences forestalled the transaction.
  • An electrical products supplier was approached by a dominant competitor. The large firm, an experienced buyer, was consolidating the industry by purchasing smaller companies. Since the small firm had never been through the sales process, Nicholson & Associates served as a behind-the-scenes advisor. The transaction closed successfully and the owner received a high price for his business.
  • A two-person partnership asked us to help them purchase an existing health care business they had found through another broker. We advised on strategy, enabling the partnership to obtain accurate information, test the seller’s motivation, and talk with the company’s lenders to obtain background information. We strengthened the buyers’ negotiating position and also provided other purchase options.  The buyers were able to offer a fair price for the business.

Don’t go it alone.  Call Nicholson & Associates to consult with you about your merger and acquisition opportunity.