Business Sales

Nicholson & Associates works with sellers to secure the best price and terms possible. Our sales process keeps the transaction confidential. We do the following:

  • Help you establish financial goals and exit strategies to ensure you have the resources to start a new life.
  • Determine a range of market values for the company so you know what selling it will bring.
  • Develop a marketing strategy to target the right buyers for your company.
  • Prepare a prospectus so potential buyers and their advisors will understand why they should pay top dollar for your business.
  • Identify qualified buyers such as individuals, strategic buyers and professional investment groups.
  • Involve your accountants, attorneys and other advisors to strengthen your negotiating position.
  • Negotiate terms from a third party perspective to give you the most leverage.
  • Guide the process through closing to minimize problems to help provide a smooth, successful transaction.

For more information on the sales process, go to our sections under For Sellers.

Real-Life Examples of Successful Sales
    • Assisted Living Facility
      The owner of a new, high-end assisted living facility grew tired of healthcare and wanted to sell. The facility was fully occupied, but its financial statements were inaccurate due to the company’s newness and its unconventional accounting procedures. Nicholson & Associates developed pro forma statements and a comprehensive prospectus, defined the market position and solicited prospective buyers. From several offers, we selected an individual with extensive healthcare experience. We helped arrange third party financing although the business had incomplete financial statements. The new owner made improvements to the business and continues to prosper.


    • Greeting Card Distributor
      This company sold greeting cards to grocery stores, pharmacies and other retail outlets in a 4-state area. Although the company was desirable and profitable, its financial records were hard to understand, it relied heavily on one supplier and the owner was enmeshed in the business. Nicholson & Associates recast the financial statements, worked with the supplier to establish criteria for a suitable buyer and helped the buyer’s accountants understand the financials.

      The buyer we selected was a former Federated executive familiar with the retail/wholesale industry who successfully took the business to a new level.


  • Travel Agency
    The owner of a profitable travel agency wanted a new career. Nicholson & Associates solicited over 100 possible purchasers, received 6 offers and with the owner selected one with the best fit. We managed a large number of buyers and negotiated a creative and complicated deal involving an earn-out formula for different conditions. The agency sold for a price considerably higher than the industry standard.