Advantages to Buyers & Sellers

Nicholson & Associates is not your typical business brokerage firm – and here’s why:

  • You receive more personal attention because we accept only a limited number of assignments.
  • You will get the highest sales price for your business using our in-depth prospectus, proven sales process, competitive bid solicitation process and negotiating experience.
  • You are more likely to sell your business. We have a 90% success rate versus the industry
    standard of 20%.
  • We help you set realistic expectations in terms of time to sell and the value of your
    business. We do not over-inflate values to gain clients.
  • Your business will sell faster thanks to our extensive up-front work.
  • You will improve your business and obtain a higher price using our operational analysis.
  • Your interests will be protected through our coordination with your advisors (attorneys,
    accountants, etc.).
  • You will see only buyers capable of paying top price with our thorough soliciting and
    qualification process.
  • Your business will receive maximum exposure through multiple postings on the Internet.
  • You will avoid premature offers and contracts that don’t close because of the way we nurture
  • You can operate as usual without worry that employees, suppliers and customers will learn the
    business is for sale. Our confidential approach minimizes disruptions so you can command the
    best price.